Shabbat Chatan

Mazal Tov to Mr. and Mrs. Yossi Mizrachi on the marriage of their daughter Ilana to Shai Malul. May you be zocheh to build a beautiful, warm Jewish home! This Shabbat we will be celebrating their Shabbat Chatan at the Beit Knesset. All are invited for a kiddush and Shabbat lunch after the tefillah. Mazal […]

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach z”l – Holy Mommies and Daddies

Here are some wonderful, spine-tingling, goose-bump raising sayings from the late Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach z”l. You can read these teachings over quickly, or you can close your eyes after each one and savor it for a long time. That’s because all of Reb Shlomo’s teachings are inspiring on a simple level, and much deeper and […]

Bringing the Schina Into Our Homes: A Virtual Shiur Series For Women

Mrs. Gila Levitt is pleased to open registration for her third teleconference in North America, starting the week of June 13, 2010.  The 5 weekly classes will be available as recordings over the phone or downloaded over email.  Each class is uploaded on Motzai Shabbos. The below article was written by a past participant, who took the […]

Celebrate Special Days with Us!

We all have special dates on our calendars, but we’re never quite sure what to do about them, so… What better way to mark that date, than by sponsoring a Kiddush at the Shul and celebrate with family and friends.  We’d really like to see EVERY Shabbat filled, pick at least one of the dates […]

Parenting Corner: Lashon Hara in the Family

We usually think of lashon hara as speaking evil about someone behind his back.  However, lashon hara is also using the gift of speech to hurt people.  And those who are most vulnerable to such talk are our own family members.  No one can hurt us the way a close relative can.  And that’s where […]


Strikly Kosher Inc. is now operating Glatt kosher food stands at Yankee Stadium, Giants Stadium and the Izod Center offering Glatt Kosher hot dogs, knishes and various snacks. Hashgacha is under the Vaad Harabonim of Queens. Stand locations are below. Enjoy! Yankees Stadium Located: Section 321 Behind home plate;Section 214-A;Section 110 Gate 6;Bleachers 238-239 Next […]

A Set of Dishes – A Transforming Story

By Velvl Greene   Even before we met Rabbi Moshe Feller in 1962 we would have been considered active and even committed Jews. Most of our friends were Jewish, our families were Jewish, our interests included Jewish “things”, and our outlook was certainly Jewish. We read books published by the JPS, we listened to Jewish […]

Protected: Your Opinion Does Count!!!

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