Parashat Yitro – Rabbi Shemtob

January 28, 2018 Dear Congregants, Our Parashah begins with Yitro, the father in law of Moshe Rabbenu, hearing about the great miracles that Hashem performed for the Bene Yisrael upon their exodus from Egypt. Yitro then decides to take Moshe’s wife, Sipporah and his 2 children and join Moshe and the Jewish people in the desert. The verse […]

Parashat Beshallah

Dear Congregants, Prior to the miracle of the splitting of the Yam Suf, the verse states (Exodus 14-10)”And Pharaoh approached(Hikriv) and the Jewish people lifted their eyes and behold Egypt was traveling after them and they became very frightened and the children of Israel cried out to Hashem.” Rashi is bothered by the Torah’s use […]

Parashat Vayishlah – Our Local Weekly D’var Torah

Parashat Vayishlah December 4, 2014 Dear Congregants: Our Parashah begins with the historic showdown between Yaakov and Esav. Yaakov is informed that Esav is heading his way with 400 people. The Pasuk says “And Yaakov became very frightened and it distressed him.” Obviously, if he is very frightened then he is distressed; why should the Pasuk […]

Weekly Dvar Torah – Parashat Toledot

Novemver 13, 2017 Dear Congregants: In this week’s Parashah, we find the riveting story of the two son’s of Yishak, Yaakov and Esav. Early on in the Parashah, Esav sells his birthright to Yaakov. The birthright represented being the sole heir to the mission of Israel including receiving the Torah. The Torah tells us that Yishak’s favorite child was […]

Parashat Hayyeh Sarah in Fair Lawn NJ

Parashat Hayyeh Sarah November 6, 2017 Dear Congregants: The Pasuk says “VeAvraham Zaken Ba Bayamim VaHaShem Berach et Avraham Bakol” which means “And Avraham was old, advanced in days and HaShem had blessed Avraham with everything”. The question, of course, is the seeming redundancy within the Pasuk. If Avraham was old, that means that he […]

Weekly Parsha – Parashat Noah – Fair Lawn NJ

SCFL Parashat Noah Dear Congregants: In the beginning of this week’s Parashah, we read about the great flood that Hashem brought on the world. Later on in the Parashah, we read about the generation of division(Dor Hapelagah), in which Hashem mixed up the languages of the people. Rashi analyzes the sins of these two generations […]