Shabbat Chatan

Mazal Tov to Mr. and Mrs. Yossi Mizrachi on the marriage of their daughter Ilana to Shai Malul. May you be zocheh to build a beautiful, warm Jewish home! This Shabbat we will be celebrating their Shabbat Chatan at the Beit Knesset. All are invited for a kiddush and Shabbat lunch after the tefillah. Mazal […]

Mazal Tov – Shabbat Chatan

Mazal Tov to Zacky Cohen and family on the marriage of their son! This Shabbat, Parshat Vayigash, December 22, all are invited to join the family for Shabbat lunch after the tefillah at the Sephardic Center in honor of the Shabbat Chatan.

The Mystery of the Jewish People- Parashat Hukat

  Parashat Hukat begins with the Misva of “Para Aduma,” the red heifer whose ashes were used to make the waters through which people would be purified after becoming Tameh (ritually impure).  The Torah refers to this Misva as “Hukat Ha’Torah” – the “statute” of the Torah.  Para Aduma is the quintessential “Hok,” or law […]

שולחן שבת – פרשת בשלח

וידבר ה’ אל משה: “שלח לך אנשים ויתורו את ארץ כנען …” כל שבט שולח נשיא כנציג. משה קורא להושע בן נון יהושע ושולח אותם לשליחות עם הנחיות ברורות: עליכם לעלות מהנגב, ולבדוק האם העם שיושב בארץ חזק או חלש? האם הם מעטים או רבים? האם הארץ טובה ויש בה מים? האם התושבים שיושבים בה […]

Inviting a Non-Observant Jew to a Simha or to One’s Home on Shabbat

Is it permissible to invite non-observant friends and relatives to a family Simha, such as a wedding?  In many cases, it can be assumed that the non-observant guest will eat without washing Netilat Yadayim and without reciting Berachot or Birkat Hamazon.  Seemingly, then, by inviting him to the affair, the host is causing him to […]

The Obligation to Eat Bread on Shabbat, and the Guidelines for One Who Forgot to Add “Reseh” in Birkat Hamazon on Shabbat

Rav Abraham Palachi (son of the famous Rav Haim Palachi of Izmir, Turkey) was once asked why the Sages did not enact a Beracha to be recited before eating bread on Shabbat.  On Pesah, for example, when we have an obligation eat Masa, we recite the Beracha “Asher Kideshanu Be’misvotav Ve’sivanu Al Achilat Masa” before […]

Celebrate Special Days with Us!

We all have special dates on our calendars, but we’re never quite sure what to do about them, so… What better way to mark that date, than by sponsoring a Kiddush at the Shul and celebrate with family and friends.  We’d really like to see EVERY Shabbat filled, pick at least one of the dates […]

פרשת השבוע – בהעלותך

נושאים בפרשה    ·   המנורה   ·   פסח שני    ·   חצוצרות   ·   פרשת שני נ הפוכים   ·   תלונת העם   ·   ענין מרים ה’ מדבר אל משה שידבר אל אהרון ולומר לו: בהעלותך (כשתדליק) את הנרות צריך שיאירו שבעת הנרות יום יום, הכהן הגדול ידליק את המנורה כדי שיהיה שם תמיד אור. במנורה השתמשו בשמן זית זך. […]