Join us For Morning Minyan with Breakfast!

 Just a reminder to our friends in the neighborhood that Shacharit is every morning at 6:30 a.m. followed by a wonderful breakfast.  We have received very good feedback from those that join us every morning regarding the joy of beginning the day with prayer and a good breakfast.   Thank you to our friends Rueven and Rachel Levi that are doing a […]

Special Kiddush On Shabbat May 29, 2010

On Shabbat May 29, 2010, we will be having a very special kiddush seuda in honor of our Rabbi Avidan Elkin.  The kiddush will be a full seuda sponsored by the shul  sisterhood.   Please save the date and join us for this very special event. Rav Avidan was the spiritual leader of our kehilla who […]

Parenting Corner: Lashon Hara in the Family

We usually think of lashon hara as speaking evil about someone behind his back.  However, lashon hara is also using the gift of speech to hurt people.  And those who are most vulnerable to such talk are our own family members.  No one can hurt us the way a close relative can.  And that’s where […]

What a Great Shavuot!

Thank you all for joining us for a great Shavuot!  Chazak vBaruch.  Thank you to all those joining us  for the prayer and kiddush this morning…we enjoyed the food so  much and had so much left over..although I hear that some of the guys enjoyed an informal “Seuda Shlishit”:)  Labriyoot! We look forward to enjoying the […]

NOT MEANT FOR ANGELS- A Midrash for Shavuot

Rabbi Joshua Ben Levi told this Midrash. When Moses went up to heaven, the angels said to God, “What is a human being doing here?” God said to them, “He has come to receive the Torah.” The angels asked, “Is it the precious hidden treasure which you hid nine hundred and seventy-four generations before the […]

Come Experience Shavuot Holiday with Us

 Shavuot evening will begin this Tuesday evening. We invite you to join us for a Tikkun Leil Shavuot and all night study and celebration of Torah on Wednesday and Thursday.  The schedule for Shavuot will be as the follows:  Tuesday Mincha & Arravit: 7:00 p.m. Limud Leil Shavuot: Begins at 11:00p.m. will continue all night with refreshments and […]

Learning on Shavuot night

On the first night of Shavuot (this year Tuesday night, May 18, 2010), Jews throughout the world observe the centuries-old custom of conducting an all-night vigil dedicated to Torah learning, and preparation for receiving the Torah anew the next morning. One explanation for this tradition is that the Jewish people did not rise early on […]

Shavuot 5770 / 2010

In addition to the regular festival prayers on Shavuot morning, there are three special highlights.  First, the Torah reading on the first day is the Revelation of the Ten Commandments.  The second is the reading of Akdamot, liturgical poems of the loyalty of the Jews to the Torah.  Third, on the second day of Shavuot, […]