Rambam’s Principles of Health: Portion Control

It is not so much what you eat (quality) but rather how much you eat (quantity) that matters. In his non-fanatic and sensible approach Rambam asserts that it is better to eat a little unhealthy food than to overeat from healthy foods:   All physicians agree that eating a small quantity of bad foods is […]

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Rambam’s Principles of Health: Fruits

Rambam is not very keen on fruit comprising a major part of our diet, as he asserts:   A person should always avoid fruits and not eat too many of them, even when dried, surely not fresh. However before they are completely ripe, they are like swords to the body. Likewise carobs are always bad. […]

שולחן שבת – פרשת בשלח

וידבר ה’ אל משה: “שלח לך אנשים ויתורו את ארץ כנען …” כל שבט שולח נשיא כנציג. משה קורא להושע בן נון יהושע ושולח אותם לשליחות עם הנחיות ברורות: עליכם לעלות מהנגב, ולבדוק האם העם שיושב בארץ חזק או חלש? האם הם מעטים או רבים? האם הארץ טובה ויש בה מים? האם התושבים שיושבים בה […]

Inviting a Non-Observant Jew to a Simha or to One’s Home on Shabbat

Is it permissible to invite non-observant friends and relatives to a family Simha, such as a wedding?  In many cases, it can be assumed that the non-observant guest will eat without washing Netilat Yadayim and without reciting Berachot or Birkat Hamazon.  Seemingly, then, by inviting him to the affair, the host is causing him to […]


 Original Kashkaval Sheep’s Cheese (made in Bulgaria) Original Kashkaval Sheep’s Cheese (made in Bulgaria) Brand:   Original Product:   Kashkaval Sheep’s Cheese Company:   Corfu Foods Inc., Bensenville, IL Issue:   This product is NOT certified by the OU, and bears an unauthorized OU-D. The product is being withdrawn from the market.Consumers spotting this product […]

The Obligation to Eat Bread on Shabbat, and the Guidelines for One Who Forgot to Add “Reseh” in Birkat Hamazon on Shabbat

Rav Abraham Palachi (son of the famous Rav Haim Palachi of Izmir, Turkey) was once asked why the Sages did not enact a Beracha to be recited before eating bread on Shabbat.  On Pesah, for example, when we have an obligation eat Masa, we recite the Beracha “Asher Kideshanu Be’misvotav Ve’sivanu Al Achilat Masa” before […]

Bringing the Schina Into Our Homes: A Virtual Shiur Series For Women

Mrs. Gila Levitt is pleased to open registration for her third teleconference in North America, starting the week of June 13, 2010.  The 5 weekly classes will be available as recordings over the phone or downloaded over email.  Each class is uploaded on Motzai Shabbos. The below article was written by a past participant, who took the […]