Halachot & Pesach Preparation 2 Parts Class With Rabbis Shimon Mizrachi & Sason Gabay

The shiur for men and women

Purim Party & Megilat Esther Reading, Monday 6.03

Join us at The Sephardic Center of Fair Lawn for Purim. Youth and children program Snacks and Pizza Prizes and Contests All are welcome!

Public Safety Announcement from Shmira – שמירה, Queens, NY

2018 Purim Event in Fair Lawn Bergen County NJ

 Join us at The Sepharadic Center of Fair Lawn for Purim. All are welcome!  

Tu B’Shevat Seder

There will be a Tu B’Shevat Seder ,Tuesday night after Arvit ( 8 pm ) at the Sephardic Shul. Everyone is invited to come and join!

Parashat Yitro – Rabbi Shemtob

January 28, 2018 Dear Congregants, Our Parashah begins with Yitro, the father in law of Moshe Rabbenu, hearing about the great miracles that Hashem performed for the Bene Yisrael upon their exodus from Egypt. Yitro then decides to take Moshe’s wife, Sipporah and his 2 children and join Moshe and the Jewish people in the desert. The verse […]

Parashat Beshallah

Dear Congregants, Prior to the miracle of the splitting of the Yam Suf, the verse states (Exodus 14-10)”And Pharaoh approached(Hikriv) and the Jewish people lifted their eyes and behold Egypt was traveling after them and they became very frightened and the children of Israel cried out to Hashem.” Rashi is bothered by the Torah’s use […]


CHANUKAH PARTY Where: The Sephardic Shul 40-34 Terhune place When: Saturday Night December 16 @ 7:00 pm What: Dairy Dinner, Doughnuts, Latkes, Art activities, Music Lighting of Menorah