The Sephardic Community of Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Welcome to the Family

Join us for a glimpse into our unique Sephardic community. We are an authentic Sephardic synagogue located in Fair Lawn, NJ. Upon entering our synagogue, your ears may be treated to pearls from great Sephardic luminaries such as the Rambam, the Hida, the Ben Ish Hai, Rabbi Mordecai Eliyahu and Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.

As a Sephardic Orthodox synagogue, we stress the importance of spiritual and religious growth, chesed projects, daily minyan, Torah study, love and support for Eretz Yisrael and transmitting proper values to our children and future generations.

We welcome people of all backgrounds and levels of observance, creating a spirited chevra that makes our members very proud to be here for each other. Our synagogue is a community resource for every member’s full life, from birth, to B’nei Mitzvah, marriage, and in times of need.

Currently, there is excitement filling every corner of our shul. On Shabbat, families fill the sanctuary, and youth– from preschoolers to teenagers — take over the basement, the yard, and the main hall. The friendly buzz of greetings and conversations at Shabbat and holiday kiddush, the Succot hoshanot procession accented with the sound of lulavim, and the noise of costumed children and adults drowning out Haman’s name during the megillah reading are testimony to the congregational commitment to Shabbat and holiday observance.

We pride ourselves most on our warmth and hospitality, and on our atmosphere of learning and intellectual investigation.

We are famous for welcoming all who enter our presence, and for making them feel that they are part of a very special family.

Our community has a full schedule of minyanim and a wide array of educational programs and social activities.

You are welcome to be our guest and spend Shabbat with us, please call our office to schedule a time at your convenience!

Please contact us for the schedule for the upcoming Shabbat & holiday