The Sephardic Community of Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Rabbi Aaron Shemtob began his career in Jewish education while still in his teens some 30 years ago as a youth leader at Magen David of West Deal. With his G-d given success, he was invited to expand his program at other synagogues in his community.Rabbi-Shemtob

He received his Smichah (Rabbinic ordination) from various Rabbanim including two former Chief Rabbis of Israel. His extensive studies also include the study of Dayanut for three and a half years In Kollel Aram Soba at the highly regarded Yechaveh Da’at institution in Har Nof, Jerusalem.

Rabbi Shemtob has also enjoyed a career lecturing in synagogues around the United States and abroad, including teaching classes to rabbis-in-training at Midrash Sepharadi in the Old City. He also taught adult classes in Judaic studies at Beth Torah Synagogue in Brooklyn, NY for 10 years.

Rabbi Aaron Shemtob’s love of music was the catalyst which catapulted him into the world of Hazzanut. He was blessed with the privilege of training under three of the top Sephardic cantors in the world, including the world-renown master Rabbi Rephael Yair Elnadav Zatzal. His cantorial experience includes serving as a Hazzan in synagogues across America over the past 20 years.

Rabbi Shemtob’s exposure to both western and middle eastern music gives him a unique and extensive repertoire of tunes as well as a dramatic delivery. His acclaimed CD, entitled Yismach Yisrael (released in 2007) is an example of western music with a middle eastern touch.

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