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How To Make Synagogues Holy

By Rabbi Yaacov Haber An American industrialist once came to visit the Chofetz Chaim of blessed memory. The Chofetz Chaim proudly gave the man a personal tour of his Yeshiva and asked him if he too would like to be a partner in the building of Torah. The man looked at the saintly Rabbi. He […]

Rambam’s Principles of Health: Vinegar

Rambam mentions the benefit of eating vinegar in the summer. During the hard gleaning work in the heat of the sun Boaz tells Ruth: “dip your pita in vinegar”. Both Rashi and Eben Ezra explain that vinegar helps alleviate heat. Vinegar is an important healing food in Chinese medicine. It enters the liver and stomach […]

Thank You For A Wonderful Shabbat!

Thank you to all of you for a wonderful Shabbat.  It was a wonderful feeling and full of happiness, even though it was so crowded we overflowed into the yard!   Thank you to  those that arranged the housing for our guests that travelled to join us and a special thank you those that helped organize  the special Kiddush.  Chazak […]

Rambam’s Principles of Health: Cooling and Warming Foods

 A person whose flesh is hot should not eat meat and honey and should not drink wine, as the king Salomon said in an allegory, “it is not good to eat much honey.” He should drink water from endive (chicory) even if it is bitter, as he should drink and eat the way of healing […]

The Shul’s Kashrut Guidelines

We just uploaded the Kashrut Guidelines document. Click here to review.

Join us For Morning Minyan with Breakfast!

 Just a reminder to our friends in the neighborhood that Shacharit is every morning at 6:30 a.m. followed by a wonderful breakfast.  We have received very good feedback from those that join us every morning regarding the joy of beginning the day with prayer and a good breakfast.   Thank you to our friends Rueven and Rachel Levi that are doing a […]

Special Kiddush On Shabbat May 29, 2010

On Shabbat May 29, 2010, we will be having a very special kiddush seuda in honor of our Rabbi Avidan Elkin.  The kiddush will be a full seuda sponsored by the shul  sisterhood.   Please save the date and join us for this very special event. Rav Avidan was the spiritual leader of our kehilla who […]