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Mrs. Gila Levitt is pleased to open registration for her third teleconference in North America, starting the week of June 13, 2010.  The 5 weekly classes will be available as recordings over the phone or downloaded over email.  Each class is uploaded on Motzai Shabbos.

The below article was written by a past participant, who took the course with Mrs. Levitt in Israel.  This might give you a better idea what the series is about.  Please be in touch if you have any questions or would like to register.

I first heard about Mrs. Gila Levitt’s marriage workshop from my friends.  It seemed like every woman in my neighborhood was attending, and they couldn’t stop raving.  “It’s changed my marriage,” enthused one.  “I’m so inspired after each class,” said another. “It’s gotten me back to Shana Rishonah.”  I nodded and smiled, happy for them.  But my life was very full, and my marriage was, baruch Hashem, very good, and I simply couldn’t imagine squeezing another thing into my schedule.

A year went by.  The class was given again and again, as its popularity spread.  When my close friend told me she was thinking of attending the series for the third time, I was shocked.  “It’s the same thing you heard the last two times,” I told her.  “Why go again?”

“My marriage is on a different plane when I go to the shiur,” she responded.  That galvanized me.  Not only did I attend the next series, I hosted it in my home.  I wasn’t disappointed.  The shiur offered concrete, Torah-based advice on how to strengthen a good marriage and bolster a flagging one.  The ideas were as critical as they were fundamental. 

  • Realize that you and your spouse are two halves of one neshama and that this is the person Hashem wants you to spend your life with. 
  • Focus on the positive. 
  • Turn to Hashem in tefillah. 
  • Carve out time just for you and your husband. 
  • Know how and when to criticize – and when to keep quiet.

Mrs. Levitt had an astounding knack for deepening and developing ideas I’d often heard but never succeeding in internalizing.  Each lesson was firmly rooted in Torah sources.  A plethora of inspiring stories gave the abstract concepts color and substance.  Practical tips concretized the lessons.

The atmosphere in the class was wonderful.  A group of women all of whom wanted to grow and improve.  A teacher who was encouraging, upbeat, and realistic. 

I’m a social worker and marital therapist by profession and I’ve seen some pretty ugly marriages.  They left me rather cynical, and I was leery that this class would claim to have quick-fix solutions to deeply entrenched problems.  But the only thing that Mrs. Levitt promised was that if you worked consistently your efforts would eventually bear fruit.  She was honest about the difficulties inherent in trying to improve, encouraging without being falsely cheery.

Slowly, changes started seeping into my own life.  I had always complimented.  Now I did so more often, and more specifically.  I bit my lip when a hurtful remark was on the tip of my tongue.  I started smiling at my husband more often and putting on makeup before he came home, just as I had done when we were newlyweds.  My husband noticed the changes, and responded in kind.  Which just goes to show that a good thing can always get better. 


Telephone Registration: The 5-week session (plus additional live Q&A class) is $50  payable by credit card.  Call Bracha (201) 762-3210 to register.

Introductory Class Free on Kol HaLashon
Call Kol HaLashon to hear the First class of the series. 
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